Sex Male
Breed Staffy cross
Age 1 year old
Rescue date 22/12/2020
Rescued from Ashburton Pound

More about Buddy

Buddy is a bit of an adorable clown, a lovely, bright, intelligent dog with a joyful personality.  He is currently in foster care as a second dog which is going well. His foster mum says he LOVES human company and is very affectionate, he wants nothing more than to be cuddled up next to you if he is allowed. He is house/toilet trained but can be a chewer and digger, so people need to be prepared to puppy-proof their house (he likes electrical cords!) and offer him plenty of acceptable, chewable alternatives.  He has a medium energy level and loves toys, he will often be found throwing them around or dancing around with them in his mouth. He also enjoys stimulating food toys such as Kongs and treat balls.   When he first arrived, he lacked all basic cues (sit, stay, down…) but his foster family has been working on these and he is improving each day.

Buddy needs a home with daytime company and suitable containment for when left alone as he will jump fences to find company and adventure. He would do best as a second dog however could be an only dog in a home with committed Humans who could provide plenty of companionship. He needs a cat and bird free home as he likes to chase both of these when they venture into his yard.

He has mixed well with medium-large dogs (male and female) however he thinks everyone is his friend and potential playmate and can be overenthusiastic with his greetings which some dogs may find disrespectful and annoying.  His new owners must be prepared to manage this and continue his social training. As yet, he hasn’t met any small dogs. When meeting dogs out in the community his exuberance could be read as ‘reactive’ to the untrained eye but it is more a call for play and attention.

Buddy is an awesome dog who is great with all people including children.  He will make a great addition for the right family. If you think you can give him the safe and loving home that he deserves please fill in this online application form.

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