Sex Female
Breed Staffy cross
Age 4 years old
Rescue date 04/07/2020
Rescued from Christchurch City Pound

More about Rogue

Rogue is a sweet girl with a medium to high energy level.  She was very shy and unsure of people when she first arrived but is coming out of her shell nicely and is an absolute sweetheart once she knows and trust you.   She loves pats and cuddles and when in the office, settles very well and enjoys spending time with people.

Rogue has been mixed successfully with a number of male dogs at the adoption centre. When playing she has quite a rough and full-on style. However, if Rogue were homed as a second dog, it’s important that play be monitored initially in case it escalates. We haven’t mixed her with other female dogs but she has been walked safely past other females in the community.

When taken on community walks, she has been wonderful and walks very nicely on lead, unless she spots a rabbit, cat or another dog. Although she merely wants to greet other dogs, she is very strong on the lead due to her size and strength so needs an owner who is physically able to redirect her attention and keep her moving if needed. She is not fazed by traffic, bicycles or prams and loves going for car rides. She has also been good when passing people out on walks although may bark if surprised or startled by them. She has been well behaved on vet visits.

When surrounded by other dogs in our environment, Rogue can become quite elevated Once above threshold she finds it hard to calm down. We believe this will change in a home environment with daytime companyRogue has a high prey drive, she likes to hunt for bugs in the grass and highly interested in small animals/birds. She requires a cat and small animal free home.

Rogue is very food focused which makes her easy to train. She knows Shake, paw, sit, recall (in the yard) and down with a lure but requires further training on loose lead walking, recall and focus work in the presence of other dogs. We are working on ‘calm’ interactions with her, particularly around harness and lead attachment as this causes her to get really elevated and excited. We have seen a huge improvement in this.

Rogue likes to have something in her mouth and has a tendency to carry and shred soft toys and blankets. This behaviour must be monitored due to the potential for ingestion.

Because she is still a timid girl when meeting new people, it is extremely important that her new owner allows her to continue to gain confidence at her own pace and she is not pushed especially when interacting with people. Due to this, we advise a home with adults and older children only.  If you think you can offer this stunning girl all of the care and love she needs and would like to be considered to adopt her please fill in this online  application form.

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